Sunday, 17 Jan 2021

forged From The previous: Spike Reel

This early spike reel from ireland was made sometime in the 1860s or previous, at a time that reels were attached to rods with spikes. within the case of this reel, the knurled spike connected to a square brass becoming on the rod and turned into retained with a matching brass wing nut.

These spike reels have been mounted on the precise of the rod and could be used to fish flies or bait as a multipurpose winch.

The “S” formed handle, flush coated screws as neatly as the nice bone address and excessive degree of workmanship in the reel imply that it might probably were made by using a jeweler used to quality handiwork.

while this instance is unbranded, Kelly of Sackville road in Dublin turned into making equivalent reels at the time, frequently built with a matching ash timber rod with a brass spike becoming collar.

Steve Woit is the creator of “Fly Fishing Treasures: the realm of Fly Fishers and amassing”, a publication that includes profiles of 30 specialists and collectors and over 800 photographs of infrequent and collectible fly rods, reels, flies, books, and ephemera.