Sunday, 17 Jan 2021

fish envy | fiSH ˈenvē

I’m now not continually bothered with envy or jealousy, at the least now not when it involves angling. I bet I’ve caught adequate fish over the years that I root for different folks to be a success regardless of even if I’m sticking a number of myself.

a number of years in the past, even though, I fished British Columbia’s Elk River with a man I’ll call “B” and located myself only a wee bit jealous. earlier than I explain, enable me to backpedal for a second. if you’ve read my reports over the years, you be aware of I customarily write about trout, steelhead and salmon. It’s now not that different species of fish — bass, say, or pike, or muskie, or bonefish — aren’t beneficial of your attention, or mine. they’re. however I live in Montana, which is Trout significant. We actually have the gold standard wild trout fishing within the lower forty eight, and its challenging to turn my returned on such amazing angling.

B, however, is both a neophyte when it came to trout and an outstanding saltwater angler. while we had been up in British Columbia we started talking about the Gulf of Mexico, and about B’s favorite saltwater residences, and about how one of the fish he objectives — tarpon and tuna being simply two examples — are massive satisfactory to devour your regular rainbow trout and nevertheless have room left over for dessert. To be frank, it’s a little peculiar to hang around with a guy who, under a little bit distinctive instances, would seek advice from the biggest fish of our BC commute as “bait.”

All of which led to a fascinating shift in my viewpoint. For the primary time in fairly much forever, the man pulling on his waders subsequent to me didn’t immediately share my ardour for trout. He was new to the bloodless water online game, whereas I, for factors i will be able to’t somewhat explain, spent a good amount of time attempting to imagine what trout fishing might look like through the eyes of a seasoned saltwater angler.

And that’s where envy begins to lift its head. If I’m jealous of anyone on the flow, it’s the individuals who are only starting out. They’re getting to event the essence of trout fishing – the excitement, the problem, the ardour — for the very first time. It’s well-nigh as in the event that they’re little kids on Christmas morning and those of us who’ve been across the block a number of times have the decent fortune of watching them open their gifts.

where B became distinctive — and it’s complicated to overstate this — is that he walked into the online game with severe talents. Most beginning fly fishers are just discovering a way to cast, or the way to address a fly line. Their early successes are the outcomes of trial & error, and dogged decision, and perhaps a touch of decent success.

B, in spite of this, had most of the crucial equipment right off the bat. He may now not have commonplace how to examine a trout move, or the change between a mayfly and a caddis, however the man could fish. It was well-nigh unfair how without problems he picked it up, and if I’m going to be honest, then I may still probably admit that fishing with this type of proficient neophyte made me only a tiny bit jealous. I stored thinking about how a whole lot fun it should be to stroll into a fresh angling event and revel in well-nigh instantaneous success.

So now that I’ve considered a saltwater angler leap into trout fishing and shine, I have a confession to make. I even have on no account, ever fished the salt with a fly rod. not for bonefish, or blues, or tarpon, or anything else. It’s under no circumstances definitely been a priority — for those who feel about it, it’s tough to fall in love with whatever thing you’ve not ever skilled – and that i at all times knew that fishing Belize or the Bahamas might get me in trouble with my better half. Molly, bless her heart, already puts up with my trout fishing. I’d reasonably no longer return domestic from Andros Island to discover the divorce papers drawn up and all my stuff sitting on the entrance deck.

After looking at B, though, I have to ask yourself even if I may still throw warning to the wind and give bonefish and tarpon a shot. If a saltwater man can fly north, leap on a trout movement and have a blast, who’s to assert a trout fisherman couldn’t reverse polarity and do the identical element?

There’s some thing exceedingly attractive in regards to the idea of becoming a newbie again, with all of the joy and uncertainty that entails — and without, I may still add, having to delivery fully from scratch. I don’t have the foggiest concept about the way to study a tide, or fish a flat, or capture a tailing allow, but after fishing with B, I’m wondering if that can also basically be an excellent element.

So if you’re wading a pristine flat once the pandemic is at the back of us and also you bump into a guy with a huge smile on his face yet no clue what he’s doing, there’s a chance — perhaps no longer a big one, but a chance — that I snuck out of Montana long sufficient to stick my toes in saltwater. And if there’s a mode of fly fishing you haven’t tried yet, or a selected species to your bucket listing, take a cue from B and provides it a shot.

in spite of everything, who doesn’t want to be that extensive-eyed child on Christmas morning?