Monday, 18 Jan 2021


“on your belly you cling the treasures few have ever viewed.”
— Jimmy Buffett, ‘A Pirate appears at 40’

When your foot presses into enterprise, moist sand, it leaves a quick, however specific imprint on earth. And even though, with the next wave that washes over the seashore, that footprint is long gone, there’s no disgrace in knowing you left your mark on this vicinity, at this second in time. And a fleeting moment it’s.

if you’re lucky, that subsequent wave of heat Gulf water will lap at your ankles, and in seconds, you’re a part of two worlds. because the wave pulls back, that you can feel the ocean tugging the sand out from below your naked feet, seductively inviting you to take one step nearer, one small step towards the water world where we will best talk over with, regardless of our most desirable efforts to beat it.

This time of year, the ocean pulls at me. The sound of surf breaking over the sand and onto the seashore is a siren call that I resist lots of the time, only because the draw of the mountains and the attract of bloodless, clear water operating off the shoulders of the area continues me grounded at altitude. but every now and then, I answer the name of the salt. I guiltily turn my lower back on the mountains and the rivers, and that i assignment to the ocean to be romanced by using water.

This yr has been specifically complex. When the COVID-19 outbreak begun in earnest last February and March, i was forced to postpone two trips south — first, a holiday to southwest Florida with chums, and then a redfish go back and forth to coastal Alabama. Then, of direction, every summer season commute I had on the books was nixed — a pike go back and forth to the Yukon and a few greater far off Canadian adventures had been casualties of the virus. however turned into the salty adventures that actually stung.

should you are living in the northern Rockies, iciness comes early. via Thanksgiving the trees are nude, the grass — if it’s now not lined in snow — is brown and crunchy. The mountains are capped in snow that received’t go away until July. The Pacific Northwest’s dismal reach extends throughout the Snake River plain and the cold, grey blanket of wintry weather begins to curve across the landscape.

It will also be downright claustrophobic. That’s why, after simply a couple of months of dismal climate, the seashore and the salt become a siren tune for anglers. And, frankly, for any one who just must soak up some sun.

along the Gulf, the air is tender and warm when it’s frigid and icy lower back domestic. The breeze coming off the Gulf, pushed north from the Yucatan and the Caribbean, doesn’t blow so a whole lot as it embraces. like the water it stirs into waves and whitecaps, it finds its manner into your soul and it, like a footprint within the sand, continues to be except anything else comes alongside and washes it away. And, honestly, that imprint lasts a lot longer than that fleeting footprint at the edge of the surf.

The water along the coast is bipolar. The violence of the surf —which is at its angriest within the iciness (keep for when a named storm is pushing it against the continent in summer time) — is countered through the readability and the stillness of the bay, and the vagabond angler can opt for his poison. He can shuffle his ft in the sand and wander for miles in knee-deep water, gazing for cruising ambitions simply beneath the surface, or he can face the waves and the wind and cast blindly into the breakers, realizing the subsequent wall of white may slap him within the face and examine his mettle.

either option is honorable, for at last, the waves meet the bay, due to that ever-current breeze that pushes water through cuts and over sandbars. via these cuts swim fish so mighty, so hardy, that connecting with one, even briefly, will flip a trout angler’s blood bloodless for a split 2nd and make him query the sanity of standing in their world whereas making an attempt to combat them into ours.

I reply the call of the salt when i will. and that i will again, as quickly as COVID allows it. And while I’ll return to the mountains, my beloved bloodless, clean water, and the particular fish that swim there, it could be ages earlier than that mark, left by using a warm, salty breeze and the pull of a mighty fish on a tight line, is fully washed away.

The ocean calls to me. Now after which, it wants a solution.